External Audit

Professional services focused on giving certainty to the financial reporting to be used by the Organizations, Top Management, Administrative Boards, Investors and Credit Institutions as well as Third parties. 


Our external auditing services, apart from ensuring that Financial Reporting Standards are met, also focus on different purposes and needs of our clients, whitin which we can highlight the following: 


  • Financial Statement Auditing


  • Financial Statement Auditing for fiscal effects, as provided pursuant to Articles 32 and 52 of the C.F.F.




  • Carrying out audits to issue opinions on Accounting, Budget and Financial Statements of Public, Federal, State and Municipal Entities. (Government Auditing)


  • Carrying out audits to issue financial reports on the correct application of the assigned public resources given by the National Science  and Technology Council (CONACYT for its Spanish acronym) and Federal Funds


  • Carrying out audits to issue compliance reporting statements in connection with the Government Acquisitions, Leases and Services Law as well as with the Law of Public Works and Services related thereto


  • Carrying out performance audit, practice of an independent multidisciplinary, systematic and objective review, in order to verify the degree of achievement of goals and objectives of individuals, private companies and public entities


In addition, we also perform other types of audits, such as: 


  • Audits for social security quotas


  • Audits for Infonavit contributions


  • Audits for meeting Local Contributions


  • Operational and Administrative audits


  • Purchase audits (Due-Diligence)


  • Legal Audits


  • Specific reviews and other assurance services

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