Corporate Governance

Within a framework developed by the Firm itself, Policies and Procedures for each company are designed so as to adopt the Best Corporate Practices, the integration and performance of  the Administrative Board and its Support Committees. 


Implementation of a Good Corporate Governance provides great benefits for Partnerships, it gives a broader confidence to their financial sources, customers and suppliers. It also provides certainty to their Shareholders by offering a transparent monitoring of the operations and of each Area within a Company, without losing sight of a formal succession-planning establishment, especially for family businesses.


Notwithstanding the above, the directive board of "Bargalló, Cardoso y Asociados S.C." often engages in the Adminitrative Boards of the Partnerships to which it is invited, serving in its capacity of Consultant or Statutory Auditor, or by just participating in the Audit Committee, exercising monitoring and evaluation funsctions. 

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