About us

Our mission is oriented towards fully metting our client needs, through the provision of outstanding professional services, contributing to the improvement of the Financial, Accounting, Fiscal, Business and Administrative Management of the companies and public institutions favoring us with their trust. 


It has been over 50 years since the founding of the Firm, and we have an invaluable experience, wich we strengthen with our strict up-to-date training program for the more than 140 professionals in our Firm.

Founders and partners

C.P.C. and P.C.C.A. José Carlos Cardoso C.

C.P.C. and P.C.C.A. Jaime Bargalló Fuentes

C.P.C. and P.C.C.A. Rafael Castellanos Pérez

C.P.C. and P.C.C.A. José Luis Méndez Rodríguez

C.P.C. and P.C.FI. Jesús S. Perea Olguín

C.P.C. and P.C.C.A. Eloisa Gutiérrez Díaz

C.P.C. Inés Cruz Roldan

C.P.C. and P.C.FI.  Noel Aguilar Ramírez

C.P.C. and P.C.FI. Luis Enrique Bautista Silva


C.P.C. - Certified Public Accountant (for its acronym in Spanish)

P.C.C.A. - a Professional Individual Certified in Accounting and Government Auditing (for its acronym in Spanish)

P.C.FI. - Profesional Certificado Fiscal



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